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What does your hardcover book look like

  • Why do readers expect to receive a printed hardcover book?

    Have you ever wondered what expectations customers will have when they are buying a hardcover book online? And nowadays, online shopping is widely carried out, but readers can't touch the book they are interested in if they buy a book online. So, how will they judge what the book they buy is most likely to look like?

    Undoubtedly, readers choose to buy a collectible printed hardcover book because they want to return to more essential and comfortable reading.

    So, regardless of the content of the text, how do the different book printing design affecting the reading experience, and what does the bookbinding means for a high-quality hardcover book printing? This time, let's briefly understand the knowledge related to the "book" itself.


    What is the difference between paperback book and hardcover book?

    For book printing in China, paperback book printing is basically used art paper in cover and perfect binding. The hardcover book printing is basically used board paper in cover and thread binding.

    The book printing design decides the hardcover book printing ways and their eventually appear; the bookbinding is an important part of the book printing design; the paperback and hardcover both are the bookbinding concept.

    According to the book printing company, paperback and hardcover can be identified by the book cover paper. Furthermore, the cover also can decide the binding ways for the book printing.


    The structure of the hardcover book

    In addition to the cover of the book itself, no matter paperback or hardcover for book printing, the outer layer of the book is usually covered with a protective cover. The following is a hardcover book to introduce the structure of each part of the book.

    This is the basic structure of hardcover book, which can be found in hardcover book printing. The paperback book differs in the composition of the cover and the end paper.