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What paper is best for printing children books?

  • Children book printing generally use letterpress and offset paper. 


    Letterpress paper is used for printing children’s books with more text, such as fairy tales, fables,children's essays or novels. The fiber structure of letterpress paper is relatively uniform, and the gaps between the fibers are filled with a certain amount of fillers and sizing materials,also bleached, which makes this paper suitable for children's story book printing.

    At the same time, letterpress paper has the characteristics of uniform texture, no lint, slightly elastic, opaque, slightly water-resistant, and has certain mechanical strength. The advantage of letterpress paper is low-cost and easy to read, but this kind of paper is easy to smear, and it lacks brightness. When printing pictures, it cannot express the effect of pictures well, so it is not suitable to print children picture book .

    Offset paper is mainly used for higher-grade coloring book printing, such as printing monochromatic or multi-color book covers, text, poke pages, pictorials, maps, posters, color trademarks and various packaging products.

    Offset paper has low shrinkage, uniform ink absorption, good smoothness, tight and opaque texture, good whiteness and strong water resistance. Therefore, offset paper for children picture book printing is more suitable. But its disadvantage is that if print the text, it will reflect light, which is not suitable for long-term reading.

    The paper requirements of children’s book printing have different requirements for different contents, which have been discussed above. I think the paper requirements are different for different age of children.

    For young children,who are just beginning to read, the books they read are almost picture books, therefore, children picture book printing use offset paper is more suitable.In addition, young children do not have the awareness of caring for books. Thin letterpress paper is prone to wrinkles and holes, while good quality offset paper has high hardness and is not easy to tear, making it more suitable for young children's picture books.

    For older children,who had been know how to read the book,and they prefer story books.Therefore,children’s story book printing use letterpress paper is more suitable.

    If you don’t have any idea to choose the paper for your own children’s book printing.Please contact us soon,we have more than 20 years of children’s book printing experience,we will give you the best suggestion to print your own children’s book