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What are the bindings for children's book printing

  • With the development of the book market, the competition in the children’s book printing market is particularly full and fierce. Therefore,in order to occupy market share, many publishers and book printing companies have also made great efforts in the binding ideas of children's books.



    What types of binding ideas are use most in children’s book printing china?


    1. bright colors

    Children are very sensitive to bright, showy colors. Bright colors have strong visual impact and appeal, and can quickly attract children's attention. In the traditional children book printing, color has always been one of the focuses of binding designers.

    With the emergence of a large number of cartoons,animation images, children's identification with color is more tolerant, and their requirements for color are more strange. For example, a certain animal does not necessarily require the true color in the traditional sense, and no longer pursues the true reproduction of the actual color.

     On the basis of reality, more exaggerated techniques can be adopted, and many other tones can be combined by illusion, which can be well grasped. Live and satisfy children's curiosity.

    Now, print a children's book have updated requirements for colors’ design and use. Under the idea of emphasizing the bright, rich and variable colors, the binding designers’ idea should seek greater breakthroughs in traditional experience.

    2. three-dimensional shape

    Due to children's thinking is relatively simple and direct, and their imagination is not deep enough. The intuitive three-dimensional modeling can match children's receptive ability.

    If the designer follows the content of the article and designs characters, animals, plants, houses, cartoon people, etc. into three-dimensional shapes in children’s board book printing; when children opening the page, the animals and plants can stand upright in front of the eyes, which can better stimulate children's curiosity. It attracts children's interest in reading and enables children to understand the knowledge in the article most directly.

    This three-dimensional shape had been appeared in various greeting cards and commemorative cards long time ago. If three-dimensional shape is applied to the binding of children's books, although it is not innovative in design, it is also a creative idea for reference.

    3. Interactive handwork

    Children are naturally curious and like to destroy and build. Originally, we often used some special and tear-resistant materials to printing children's books, called "Biting book". But I think this is not desirable. Children like to tear, from which they can experience the fun of playing and the exploration of new things, we should find ways to satisfy them.

    So when we custom children’s book printing, we can design some interactive handmade materials, which can be cut and folded into various things by young readers; we also can design some self-adhesive stickers, so that young readers can tear them off and stick them in other corresponding places; or put some paper pieces in the middle of book to teach children how to do puzzles in an interactive way.

    4. Multi sensory experience

    When print your own children's book, if you can directly let the children experience real objects through different senses, then they will definitely love your books. In addition to using bright colors visually, this sensory experience can also be creatively designed in other sensory aspects.

    Hearing: place a small chip that can make sound in the book, record the sound according to the content of the book in advance, and make sound as long as the page is opened.

    Tactile: Equipped with some related objects in the book for children to touch when reading. If the article introduces what silk is, we can include a small piece of real silk in the book; if we introduce animals, we can include a small imitation of the animal's fur in the book.

    Smell: In the book, we can design a variety of fragrances that can be smelled by scratching the coating, or rubbing the pages, such as the smell of fruit, bread, flowers, etc.

    The ideas of the above binding ideas had been gradually reflected in print childrens book. If you have other different children's book binding ideas, please leave a message to discuss with me.



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