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  • Real-Time RTP Mobile Analysis Monitoring QoE Problem

    Sevana PVQA Server is a tool for call quality analysis and monitoring in real-time. One can use it as the core of their quality analysis and monitoring system to detect and investigate QoE and QoS-related issues. PVQA Server combines the power of audio waveform analysis using PVQA technology with co...
  • Get Industrial Water Treatment by Culligan Industrial Water

    Culligan Industrial Water is a top-notch industrial & commercial water treatment company offering industrial water management, testing, treatment, recycling & recovery, & more. We deal with water technology as we engage in the design, manufacture & maintenance of engineered water treatment solutions...
  • Mobile-To-Mobile Call Test Monitoring Volte Messenger

    Sevana QualTest is a mobile test probe application and mobile-to-mobile call test monitoring volte messenger that checks current network conditions and estimates voice quality in mobile and VoIP networks.
  • POLQA AQUA EVS Volte Mobile Test Voice Quality

    AQuA is a simple but powerful tool to provide perceptual voice quality estimation similarly to what POLQA and ViSQOL are doing. AQuA uses a human hearing model to analyze the reference signal and test to make an objective estimate on the listener’s opinion of the ...
  • Passive Voice Analysis QOE PVQA Call Quality Volte

    PVQA Passive Voice Call Quality Analyzer alternative for P.563 and P.564 is a unique powerful tool to non-intrusively evaluate voice quality by waveform analysis. PVQA is available as a cross-platform application or library (C++ or Python interface) for all main desktop and mobile operating systems.