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How to grow walnuts at home

  • A walnut tree planted from seed, like many other fruit trees (citrus, apple, nuts, etc.), will not bear fruit for the first 7-10 years of its existence. Planting a budded tree is the quickest and easiest technique to collect nuts for food purposes every autumn (read the article on Walnut tree Propagation). Let's get started, since you want to experience the delight of raising your own tree from seed How to store Walnuts.

    • The first step is to look for natural, freshly harvested walnuts. This may be more difficult than it appears because practically all shelled nuts on the market have been treated, ensuring that their seeds will not sprout. We need to locate seeds that haven't been processed in any way in every situation. Untreated, unroasted, and unheated seeds are required. It's preferable to find shelled walnuts that have just been picked (we can carefully remove -wearing gloves- the outer green hull, but we shall keep the brown hard shell).
    • We must select at least 10-15 natural seeds once we find them in the autumn. Only half of the seeds will germinate if everything is done perfectly, and only a few of those will grow into a small seedling and young tree. After that, we put them in a plastic bag with moist sand and put it in the refrigerator for 12-15 weeks. Alternatively, our seeds may be planted in the fall and allowed to overwinter naturally in the field, but they would be vulnerable to squirrels and other predators. Some seeds will have sprouted normally after 12-15 weeks. We either plant them directly in the field (in milder climates) or in individual pots with a particular soil mix (soil with river sand and compost etc.).

    The seeds must be planted superficially, at a depth of 12 inches (3 cm), and lightly covered with dirt. The seedlings are then placed in the pots at room temperature, adjacent to a large window, where they will receive plenty of sunlight. From so on, the most important thing is to keep the pots moist but not soggy. We can transfer the seedlings into a larger container or directly onto the field after they reach a height of 6 inches (15 cm) in the spring, assuming the last frost has passed Walnut Storing Tips.

    Walnut Planting

    1. Potted trees can be planted at any time of year, but it's ideal to do it during the winter dormant period if the soil isn't frozen or waterlogged.
    2. Walnuts grow best on deep, well-drained soil that retains moisture in full sun or mild shade.
    3. Both bare-rooted and pot-grown trees are available for purchase. When planting, make sure the visible soil line at the tree's foot is just above the soil level.
    4. Dig a hole that is large enough to easily accommodate the roots' depth and size. After planting, firm in the soil and water thoroughly.
    5. Remove any vegetation around the tree's base and mulch well to help retain moisture in and discourage weeds and other plants from developing and competing with the young tree.

    Walnuts harvesting

    The nuts can be harvested from the tree when still 'green' (before the shells have formed) and pickled in June–July - a long broom handle can help gently knock them off the tree.


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