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Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy Guide- What You Need

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    Airlines don’t always make it easy to find the information you need, but in the case of flying with an unaccompanied minor, Spirit Airlines Flights has made it quite simple to determine whether or not you qualify and what steps you will need to take if you do. Keep reading to find out how you can make sure that your child flies safely on this popular budget airline.

    Who can travel as an unaccompanied minor?
    A passenger under 18 years of age who has no adult with them, or a child between 8 and 14 years old traveling without an adult if a parent or guardian has completed our travel consent form. All minors must be accompanied at check-in by someone 18 years of age or older who is not traveling. That individual must provide proof of relationship to accompany their minor relative. The parent or guardian must be a U.S. Citizen or lawful permanent resident with valid ID, have picture ID and passport information for each traveler. The person accompanying your child must be prepared to sign our Parental Consent Agreement prior to departure, so plan ahead and have that form filled out in advance!

    How do I arrange for an unaccompanied minor service?
    Spirit Airlines offers a service called Unaccompanied Minor which allows passengers under 18 years of age to travel without a parent or guardian. To take advantage of these services, call Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number at 1 (888) 678-0392 at least 24 hours before you plan on traveling and follow their instructions. There is no additional fee for using these services, and all travel rules apply to unaccompanied minors as they do for any other passenger. Please refer below for more details on restrictions, guidelines and policies related to using Spirit’s Unaccompanied Minor service.

    How much does it cost to travel as an unaccompanied minor?
    Spirit's unaccompanied minor policy charges $100 for each direction of travel. The fee is nonrefundable and applies even if your minor ends up traveling with a parent or guardian. If you add an unaccompanied minor when booking, you'll pay $100 plus $5 per seat on your flight. If you check in at the airport, you'll pay in person at that time. The fee can't be paid for with frequent flyer miles. Infants under 2 years old are exempt from paying a fee. However, if they're checked in and accompanied by another passenger, that passenger will need to check them in through Spirit's web page before arriving at the airport, so keep that in mind when making arrangements for an infant on your flight.

    Who is allowed on the plane with me?
    Children ages 5 and under are allowed on a flight with an adult companion (meaning one of your parents, grandparents, siblings, or any combination of these). Your child can also travel alone provided that he or she is at least age 7 and has proper identification (we’ll get into what proper identification means in a bit). For kids 6–12 years old, we allow one adult companion for each unaccompanied minor. If you need two or more adults to help you travel with your children, they will all need their own Spirit Airlines Reservations Number. Remember that if you want two adults to sit next to an unaccompanied minor on the plane, they will both need their own seats. Make sure everyone has enough money for a seat!

    Where will my child sit on the plane?
    Yes, it is legal for minors to travel alone on airplanes. However, in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) safety regulations, no airline can permit unaccompanied minors under age 5 or over age 15 to board an airplane without a parent or guardian. Minors traveling alone between ages 5 and 15 must be booked under one of two policies: Unaccompanied Minor or Unaccompanied Minor with Seat. Because Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy permits children only up to age 4 (in accordance with FAA regulations), you will need at least one adult passenger on your reservation in order for your child(ren) not to be classified as an unaccompanied minor.

    What if I don't live in your city but want you to fly my child as an unaccompanied minor with Spirit Airlines?
    If you are not a resident of our area but would like for your child to travel on Spirit Airlines, please call and speak with one of our reservation agents. Our agents will be able to provide you with information regarding fees and restrictions if any. If your child is younger than 5 years old, he or she must have an adult escort at all times. For children that are older than 5 but younger than 12 years old, we recommend making sure that they have an individual who is 18 years of age or older present at all times during their flight as well. If you are traveling internationally with a minor, there may be even more guidelines that apply depending on the country.

    Why wasn't my flight selected for a special assistance lane check-in?
    Spirit Airlines is a budget airline that aims to offer low rates while offering as little service as possible. Due to state regulations, we are required by law to offer certain services, including check-in at an airport counter. While you may notice that your flight has been selected for lane Spirit Airlines Check In at some airports; unfortunately not all airlines and airports have chosen to provide us with access or resources. For example, when flying from Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport (FLL) or Orlando International Airport (MCO), special assistance lane check-in is not available due to restrictions in place by both airports.

    My flight was delayed, will my child still be able to catch their connecting flight as an unaccompanied minor?
    If you want to fly alone but don’t feel like an adult, other airlines might be able to help. Southwest Airlines, for example, offers unaccompanied minor service for children as young as five years old. It’s a great deal if you want your child to have some independence without being completely on their own. Of course, flight attendants aren’t required by law to give special treatment—and no airline will guarantee special handling in case of an emergency. It all depends on whether there is someone over 18 traveling with minors in the general seating area on that day and time of travel.

    Do I need ID/Birth Certificate/Passport for my child when traveling as an unaccompanied minor on Spirit Airline flights?
    Yes, Spirit Airline requires children under 5 years of age traveling as an unaccompanied minor to present a valid birth certificate. For children over 5 years of age traveling as an unaccompanied minor, you will need a copy of your child’s photo ID and travel itinerary. Children must also have their own reservations and be accompanied by a parent or guardian. If you are not traveling with your child, but wish for them to be picked up from another airport, then we require documentation from either parent or legal guardian (notarized letter or email). In addition they must provide contact information (+1-888-678-0392) in case there is an emergency and they are not able to reach you.

    Can minors travel alone on other airlines?
    Traveling on an airline that does not have an unaccompanied minor program can mean a stressful trip for parents. While many airlines do not allow children under a certain age to travel alone, Spirit Airlines Tickets does. Children who are between 5 and 12 years old can take advantage of Spirit's unaccompanied minor program. Parents don't need to worry about booking tickets in separate names; there is no charge for a child over 5 years old traveling without an adult guardian as long as both parents have signed up for Spirit's unaccompanied minor service. This allows parents and guardians alike to worry less when sending their child on a plane by themselves because they know they will be safe.

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