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Common Misconceptions About Cannabis

  • Marijuana has become so mainstreams these previous long periods that really misguided the misconceptions such as “cannabis is the gateway drug” have been rebutted and commonly accepted. That being said, you can still find some common misguided beliefs that continue to circulate between marijuana newbies and experts.

    1. Holding in a hit gets you higher

    We’ve all heard this and probably done it. Holding in your smoke might make you really feel higher but not because of the marijuana. When you deny your brain of oxygen, it results in an experience of lightheadedness, which could give you a sense of feeling higher. Research has shown that 95% of THC is soaked up within the first few seconds of inhaling. So seldom hold your inhale because it will not make much of a difference.


    1. Cannabis Users are Lazy 

    A new common misconception regarding cannabis users is they are very lazy. The misconception stems from stoner films and propaganda that portray individuals as such. The marijuana industry had been the billion-dollar industry since the cannabis users were not sluggish; however, they’re lobbyists and entrepreneurs. Within addition, no proof shows that marijuana use is associated with low inspiration or intelligence.


    1. Indicas are Sedating and Sativas are Enjoyable

    The belief that indicas and sativas deliver two unique effects is a misconception still considered by many. To locate a strain that provides you with the desired impact, you have to look beyond arata and sativa and instead look at the chemical components that make that strain upward. In case you’re looking for a specific effect, then look at the terpenes and cannabinoids that increase any risk of strain. Also, ask your budtender for help or use Leafly’s Cannabis Manual to conduct your own research.


    1. Strain Titles 

    Strain titles are not as universal as they used to be. The crossbreeding of cannabis plants from different parts of the world is definitely an endless cycle. Any risk of strain Lemoncello is not every the same each and every dispensary. To get a precise indication of the results the strain is going to produce, talk to your budtender and also have them clarify the cannabinoids and terpenes included in the specific product you’re searching about.


    CBD is Not Psychoactive. CBD will not produce the psychoactive effects associated with THC, but it might alter your mood, which explains why we cannot term CBD as non-psychoactive. Instead, it’s considered non-intoxicating.


    CBD Consumption Will certainly Result In a Failed Drug Check. Pure CBD consists of 0. 3% THC or less and therefore does not contain enough THC to cause psychoactive effects as those witnessed with THC. The Pure CBD has been legal in the United States and should not cause you to fall short of a drug test. Nevertheless, there have been incidents where individuals have unsuccessful drug tests for consuming CBD. This can be due to a number of factors, one being that CBD is not well regulated, and some manufacturers are producing CBD with a higher focus of THC. 


    Furthermore, THC is fat-soluble and, when consumed, may accumulate in your body’s body fat tissue and induce a false positive test. If you are concerned about faltering a drug test, be sure you purchase your CBD from a trusted and clear source that provides consumers with a Certificate of research.

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