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6 Jaw-Dropping UI/UX Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

  • With the pace of innovation in technology today, it can be hard to keep up with all the latest trends in UI/UX design. Fortunately, many of these trends have been consistent for years, and will continue to be so as we advance into the next decade of development. Here are some of the top jaw-dropping UI/UX trends that you should watch out for in 2022!


    1) Mixed Reality


    By 2022, Mixed Reality will have opened up an entirely new wave of possibilities across most industries. The ability to create a truly immersive experience that almost completely tricks your senses into believing what you’re seeing is real will make Mixed Reality indispensable for training and marketing purposes. If you’re looking at a career change or just want an incredible tool at your disposal, look into learning how to develop Mixed Reality content today.


    2) Branded Scents


    Linking scent and memory is nothing new. Humans have long used perfume and incense to alter their sense of smell and even enhance their mood. What’s changed is how we control them. With advancements in technology, our ability to deliver just the right smells at just the right time has become increasingly more precise and powerful. This trend will only grow as we rely on our mobile devices even more than ever before—and as we continue to blend digital experiences with our everyday lives.


    3) Augmented Reality Apps


    Over time, augmented reality will likely become part of our everyday lives. After all, it’s fun and engaging. Consumers will be able to share their personal experiences with friends and family via social media channels, too. It’s difficult to imagine a world without augmented reality apps in 10 years.


    4) Virtual Personal Assistants (VPA)


    Voice has become an important part of our daily lives and is projected to play a role in nearly every major industry. With voice recognition becoming more accurate and faster, personal assistants that operate with voice commands are increasingly becoming more prevalent. Virtual Personal Assistants (VPAs) are AI software programs designed to allow users make appointments, book reservations, purchase items online, check bank accounts and complete many other tasks.


    5) Hyperlocal User Targeting


    Geotargeting is a smart way to localize your marketing efforts. With hyperlocal targeting, you can target people based on their exact location. By default, geotargeting (or hyperlocal targeting) will use consumer data or IP addresses to determine physical location. You can set your targets by using business data or sales tax information, which yields much more granular results than a simple GPS setting.


    6) Smartphones Become Anachronistic


    Although we’re only beginning to see some of its features today, computers are destined to become embedded everywhere—from our glasses and clothes, right down to our skin. Touch screens will be outdated by then, thanks largely to haptic feedback embedded into clothing or even straight into our skin.




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