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Paid vs Free SSL Certificates

  • Have you just launched a new website and are perplexed by the open lock security icon near your web address? Or you are unable to decide between Paid SSL and Free SSL.

    If you answered yes, we'd like to inform you that you're operating a dangerous website, and hackers love it.

    This is why:

    When someone attempts to visit an unprotected website by using HTTP: / before the address, all information sent to the website begins transferring in basic plain text, with no encryption. As a result, anyone with access to your ISP and a computer that connects to your WiFi network will have access to all data sent within your network, including your passwords.


    This is one of the primary causes for the ongoing increase in hacking attempts and other phishing operations. This may be avoided by employing SSL Certificates, which not only safeguard your website but also improve the ranking of your web pages.

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    However, not all SSL Certificates are created alike, and their security differs depending on the features and security standards of the website. So, which SSL Certificate is most suited to your website?

    Continue reading the article to get your solution.


    What exactly is an SSL Certificate?

    The Safeguard Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol that is used to secure the transfer of sensitive data over the Internet. An SSL Certificate acts as a formidable weapon to protect a website's security by automatically encrypting information throughout the website. The SSL protocol uses certificates that adhere to the X.509 standard to encrypt communications between servers and clients. 

    Furthermore, SSL Certificates use the public-key technique to secure the integrity of information.

    Free vs. Paid

    It is no longer debatable whether an SSL Certificate should be used or not. If your website does not have an SSL certificate, it will be automatically rejected by search engines. As a result, you must begin employing SSL protection on your website.


    There are both free and SSL Certificates available in the service offering. So, what are the main distinctions between free and purchased SSL certificates?

    Let's go exploring!


    Which Should You Choose Between a Free and a Paid SSL Certificate?

    The following factors will help you decide if it is worth paying for your website's security or if it is preferable to save money.

    Guaranteed Money-Back

    Paid certificates provide insurance coverage ranging from $10,000 to $100,000 for burglary or other disasters. While free SSL certificate suppliers do not promise or provide any kind of reimbursement once the certificate is installed.


    Paid SSL Certificates include a website audit and an examination of the complete company's reputation and background operations. The Free SSL services merely validate a website's domain name without considering the possibilities of corporate verification or advanced verification.



    Because free SSL certificates frequently expire, they must be closely monitored. Furthermore, sufficient technical expertise is required to establish a free SSL. Paid SSL certificates, on the other hand, are automatically renewed and do not require a constant operation.

    The Factor of Trust

    The majority of search engines and browsers do not trust free SSL Certificates and display a warning "Not a secure website," making it impossible for users to access the website.


    SSL Certificates are the finest approach to safeguard our websites, and they have garnered a lot of support from search engines in the recent decade. If you intend to build a website for the long term, you should begin by investing in an SSL certificate for your website. The ideal SSL Certificate depends mostly on the sort of website you are managing and the sensitivity of your clients' information. As a result, consider the significance of an SSL certificate and do not scrimp on it.

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