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The Advantages of Living in a Hotel Near O.R. Tambo

  • With population growth and inner-city developments all at the forefront of South Africa, finding accommodation near an airport is in high demand. South Africa’s O. R. Tambo International Airport is the country’s second busiest airport, annually handling 28 million passengers.  It attracts business guests and travellers – both international and domestic.

    Luckily, there are several reputed hotels near O.R Tambo that offer cheap yet comfortable lodging and accommodation options. Choosing a hotel near O.R. Tambo International Airport has its benefits, which include the following. (Information source: https://www.thegallagherhotel.co.za/)

    1. Beating the traffic

    South Africa has recently turned into a huge air-travel hub. This can cause some inconvenience to guests who are in town for business or vacation. Getting from one place to another becomes a hassle, especially if the hotel is not conveniently located. Thus, when choosing a hotel near the airport, guests should always look for ones that have minimal driving time to and from the airport. It should be well connected with the important road networks of the city.

    2. Amenities offered

    Most of the hotels, located near the airports offer modern luxuries and comfort in various degrees. This is due to the higher standard of living near international airports which are catered towards international travellers as well.  For the best experience, guests should choose hotels which offer amenities such as room service, free Wi-Fi and others.

    3. For emergency situations

    Airports are an important logistical factor to consider in any city. Guests should thus consider the fact that they play a key role in emergency situations, providing guests with a safe exit. Hotels near the airports can thus be a better place to stay if a sudden emergency forces guests to alter their plans and return back.

    4. Access to businesses

    The region near O.R. Tambo International Airport is known for malls, banking and forex outlets in addition to car rentals and food and beverage companies.  There is a duty-free shopping mall at O.R. Tambo International Airport, which features three vast structural nodes that project between aircraft.

    5. Travelling with convenience

    Guests staying at a hotel near the airport do not experience the tension of having to wake up early in case of early morning departures. This is especially true for business professionals who could better use the time for leisure, rather than getting ready and travelling to the airport. For guests travelling through the morning office rush hour, inevitable and unexpected delays should always be considered. If they stay in a hotel near the airport, they can eliminate the pressure of rushing to reach the airport.


    Business trips usually last for a day or two and such guests do not like travelling for meetings. Time is pretty precious for them, which is why several hotels have started catering to the business crowd. Usually, conferences and seminars conducted by various companies are held in hotels near airports to eliminate time wastage.