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How to Handle Irrigation Valve Repair & Maintenance Jobs?

  • Valves are an integral part of irrigation systems and they require proper repair & maintenance just like other components of the system.

    What is the Function of Irrigation Valves?

    Irrigation valves are used to control the flow of water from a pressurized irrigation system. Irrigation valves are typically used to regulate water supply for drip irrigation, sprinkler, and micro-irrigation systems but can be used in overhead applications with sufficient pressure capabilities.

    Proper irrigation valve repair and maintenances are required to keep the condition of the component healthy. Worried about whether you will be able to handle the job? That’s what the professionals are for.

    You will need certified irrigation repair specialists to deal with any irrigation system problems.

    Irrigation valves have been standardized by the Irrigation Association (IA) through the Irrigation Valve Standards. The Irrigation Association's Irrigation Valve Standards cover three categories of irrigation valves: Solenoid Valves, Pressure Regulating Valves, and Anti-Siphon Backflow Preventers. (Credit Information: Acme Irrigation Company LLC)

    What To Do When The Valve Of Your Irrigation System Starts Malfunctioning?

    Well, the answer is simple; have the irrigation system inspected by professionals and find out the problem.

    Irrigation valve maintenance services should only be performed by certified irrigation contractors who know how to inspect, test, and replace defective irrigation valves. Irrigation contractors also have the knowledge necessary to repair faulty irrigation systems since irrigation valves are part of a larger system.

    So, if you are wondering about “how to repair an irrigation valve?”, calling in the experts is the best option.

    What Do Irrigation Valve Maintenance Tasks Include?

    Irrigation valve maintenance includes a variety of routine tasks like inspecting irrigation pipes for leaks, replacing worn or broken parts, pressure testing for leaks, and repairing pressure-related issues. Irrigation systems that are not properly maintained can wastewater or cause damage to landscaping or property due to overflowing pipes, broken sprinkler heads, or unsprang valves.

    Irrigation system maintenance is typically conducted on a seasonal basis before spring planting. Irrigation system maintenance should also be performed after large storms or periods of heavy rainfall.

    Irrigation valves are also sometimes used as shut-off mechanisms for garden hoses and sprinklers. Irrigation system manufacturers often include a backflow preventer, pressure regulator, or anti-siphon device with their irrigation valve products.

    Irrigation contractors can assess the water flow characteristics of your irrigation system to determine how many valves are needed, what type of irrigation valve is best suited for your needs, and determine if an anti-siphon device might be necessary. Irrigation contractors also have the knowledge necessary to repair faulty irrigation systems.

    How To Know If You Need a New Irrigation Valve? 

    Irrigation valve replacement is necessary when there is a problem with the irrigation system that cannot be resolved by repairing or replacing worn-out parts. Irrigation contractors can examine your irrigation piping to determine if the pipes are properly sized and installed correctly.

    Irrigation contractors also have knowledge about how different types of valves perform under pressure, how they fail, and what parts should be replaced. Irrigation valve maintenance is not always the best solution for a faulty irrigation system and replacing the damaged valves may be necessary.

    Need Help with Irrigation Valve Repair & Maintenance in Tucson?

    If you need help with irrigation valve repair and maintenance in Tucson, Acme Irrigation Company LLC is your one-call solution. Our specialists are highly qualified, trained, skilled, and experienced.

    Our valve maintenance service experts also have knowledge regarding line sizing, proper installation methods for underground piping systems, water pressure, and pipework design.

    We also test the functionality of your irrigation system to ensure it is operating properly.

    Irrigation valve replacement is necessary when there is a problem with the irrigation system that cannot be resolved by repairing or replacing worn-out parts.

    Once we inspect your irrigation system, we will let you know what parts should be replaced and what parts just need repairs. We always offer the right solution!

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