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Top Tips to Make Your Move Stress-Free

  • Moving from one home to another can be stressful for anyone. Moving leads, you to a new environment, and dealing with all logistics involved - including packing, transportation and unpacking. Make moving easier by planning and doing some things in advance before your actual moving day. This blog post will provide some common-sense tips about what you should do in advance of moving day so your move is as stress-free as possible!

    Accept Stress as a Part of the Moving Process

    No matter how much you try, it’s just a fact that you should accept - moving will be a stressful experience. You can’t make your move totally stress-free, but you can manage it better by accepting the need to deal with it in an organized fashion. If you’ve been planning to move for a while, you have to focus on the positive aspects about moving. For example, if you haven’t had the chance to be on your own, moving into a new place might be exciting if you have always wanted to live independently.

    Change is a necessary part of life, and moving is something that needs to happen if you want to have a better life in the long run. Managing moving stress is critical. The uncertainty and potential for problems can affect our brains and bodies more than we realize. To have a successful experience without getting depressed or upset requires embracing the process instead of fearing it or fighting against it. It’s natural to have concerns, but you can't let worry affect the work that needs to get done to go to a new environment.  If you think positively and plan ahead there is need to worry about your actual moving day. Prepare, do what needs to be done and continue living your life as normally as possible until the moving day comes and you head to your new home.

    Purge Items You No Longer Need

    One big help to eliminate stress is to start by purging - getting rid of items that you no longer need or want. Doing that makes moving easier for you and helps save money by cutting down on the number of items to actually need to be moved! Think about it - maybe there are some things you haven't used for years, or that aren't even worth moving with because they are worn out or have deteriorated over time. The best plan is to figure out what you don't need to pack or transport to the new location - just look through all your “stuff” and decide what needs to go away before moving day arrives.

    Make a Moving Checklist

    Organize, organize, organize!  Start by sorting out by what it does and where it goes.  Then you can create an inventory - a moving checklist - so nothing gets left behind when moving out. Even if everything looks like it could fit in the moving truck, if you have a complete list, including things like turning off utilities in the old location and getting them turned on in the new one, ideally BEFORE finalizing and doing the actual packing, when you arrive at your new place, you won’t have to have the sinking feeling of having not done or packed something important. Without thorough preparation, moving day could turn into a nightmare. After getting to the new place and unloading, everyone will be tired and the last thing you need is to have lost or misplaced something.  A few hours of planning and execution can save days of regrets!

    Create a COMPLETE Inventory of ALL Your Furniture and Other Belongings

    It’s essential to have your own inventory of everything you will be dealing with on moving day. It might seem unnecessary since moving companies will do their own inventory as part of their moving process, but it is better to be safe than sorry when moving your whole household. Some people may be forgetful or might not have thought about making their own list because they don't think that there is any chance that something would get lost during their moving day!  It’s only common sense to take some time, BEFORE moving day, to create an inventory and make sure your list of items matches EXACTLY with the moving company list.  Also, your inventory can be used as a checklist to make sure all your furniture and other possessions have actually arrived at your new location!

    Pack Your Boxes Early

    To save yourself more stress about moving, you should start packing boxes early so that everything fits in its place nicely without too much hassle or effort required beforehand. It will also help you reduce moving company labor costs, so moving companies might be willing to provide a discount if the majority of your stuff has already been packed beforehand! If moving company employees handle most of the moving process for you, it is even more critical that all boxes are packed in advance.

    Plan Out Where Your Goods Will Go in the New Location

    It would help if you also have a plan out where everything will go at your new place before moving day comes around. If there are multiple rooms or floors within our new location, think about what type of furniture belongs in each room and whether any rearranging needs to happen after moving into different areas with different purposes. For example, maybe something won't fit into one place because its dimensions don't match up against another piece of furniture that's currently sitting there instead - this would also be an excellent time to figure out what moving supplies should be used for protecting items - like bubble wrap and moving pads!

    Keep Track of All Your Expenses

    Moving is an exciting process, but it can also be very pricey. Do your homework - be sure that you have done the best job of being financially prudent by getting estimates from multiple moving companies before you make your final decision on which one to hire.  You should also include the costs of packing if the moving is doing that work, or if you’re doing the packing yourself, have all the bundles and boxes packed in advance. You'll find yourself saving money on time overall and there won't be any last-minute stress about finishing up the packing during moving day itself! Saving on this element of your move means that you can have extra cash, to buy any needed new items or pay bills at our new place!  Tracking costs included on the moving checklist that you've created will help keep track of all expenses incurred through the entire process, so they don't get overlooked or forgotten about later on down the road.

    Hiring a Professional Moving Company

    The first thing you should do before finalizing your moving day is to complete a contact with the moving company you have decided to hire. Moving companies offer a range of services, so make sure that they can meet your needs and requirements. They will give you an accurate quote for the cost of moving if they know what it entails. In addition, hiring a moving company means that someone else does all or most of the heavy lifting on moving day!  Avoiding all the labor and stress of physically moving everything makes it well worth considering professional movers instead of attempting the task yourself which also requires finding and organizing any friends and family members and making SURE that they will be available.  Do your homework, get multiple quotes, then select the best and most reputable mover rather than picking one based only on advertisements or flyers. You can find moving companies in your local area by searching online for "moving company near me" or "movers near me."


    Moving is a stressful process for the people moving and for any family members or friends who are helping out. By following these tips and getting organized, you will make moving day easier on yourself and be able to enjoy moving into your new place without all of the drama that comes along with it if you do a DIY move! Keep in mind that hiring professional movers might cost more money upfront, but they are worth their weight in gold because they will get everything done much faster than you could by yourself. If time isn't as big of an issue, you could consider asking friends or family members if they would like to help out the moving day instead - this could save some cash since there wouldn't have to be any hourly rates involved with moving company employees.

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