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Advantages Of Empty Hard Capsules

  • Hollow hard capsules refer to a certain amount of raw material extracts or raw material powders directly filled into hollow capsules, or several raw material powders are mixed and then filled into hollow capsules, which are manufactured and processed by special capsule equipment. The main molding material is gelatin. Bone glue made of bones is hard and brittle. Pigskin gelatin made from pigskin has good plasticity and is an ideal choice for mixing bone skin and gelatin. To increase its toughness and plasticity, Custom Empty Capsule Manufacturers add appropriate amounts of glycerin, sorbitol, CMC Na, HPC, sodium oleamide sulfonate, etc.; to reduce their fluidity and increase gelling ability, they add thickener agar.

    Hollow hard capsules have the following characteristics:
    The appearance is smooth and beautiful, it can hide the inappropriate bitterness and peculiar smell of the raw materials, and is easy for consumers to accept; the bioavailability of the functional factors is high, and the amount of auxiliary materials is small. During the preparation process, no adhesive is added, no pressure is applied, and it disintegrates rapidly in the gastrointestinal tract. Generally, functional substances can be released 3-10 minutes after taking them. Compared with pills and tablets, hard capsules have fast onset, good absorption, and good stability. For example, vitamins should be placed in opaque hard capsules for easy storage; it can prolong the release of healthy functional substances. The raw materials are first made into granules and then coated with materials with different release rates, mixed evenly in proportions, and filled into empty capsules to achieve the purpose of prolonging the efficacy of the medicine. We also provide a variety of Capsule OEMs to complete tasks efficiently and quickly.