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What Makes Sydney The Best Place to Live?

Everyone’s a bit biased when asked to speak about their own city! But in all fairness, we would like to introduce you to some aspects of Sydney that make it one of the best cities in the world to live in.

Beautiful and Unmatched Landscape

From frequently hitting the beach to roaming around the famous destination on board a Sydney Harbour dinner cruise, there are some activities that are synonymous with being called a Sydneysider. The fantastic landscape that marries urban life with the natural environment is an amazing quality of the city that is seen in every nook and corner. With its vast number of tourist destinations and enviable weather, there’s always something you can do in Sydney. Also, you know the vibe: Sydney is all about outdoors! Enjoy a picnic with your buddies at one of the beautiful parks or throw a barbeque night at one of the beaches with your friends. Some of our top travel recommendations for you include: a dinner cruise in Sydney, visit Bondi Beach, Explore the pristine coastal walks and take a trip to the Blue Mountains.

Cultural Heritage

Sydney’s cultural heritage is way beyond what we usually associate it with, including the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. The city boasts of an intriguing multiculturalism—its population reflecting a bit of every culture known to man. And what’s the most exciting bit about living in a multicultural city? Its dynamic and accepting nature. Whatever or whoever you are as a person, there is no doubt that you will feel as much at home as in your own country when you’re here. The city is also where you can discover some of the richest Aboriginal culture and cultural sites. You wouldn’t have to travel far from the city centre to learn about the city’s first inhabitants. Some of the famous Aboriginal sites you can visit while in the city are Kamay Botany Bay National Park, Burrawang walk, La Perouse Museum, Kurnell Visitor Center, Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, The Basin track and Mackerel track and so on.

Eclectic Food Trends

Another amazing contribution of the city’s multicultural tenor is its food. You will find any kind of food you wish to eat here. From the marvellous Chinatown and Spice Alley to Little Italy and an array of food markets available within easy reach, the city has become a favourite destination for the traveller-foodies across the globe. While it could be difficult to narrow down to the city’s own culinary tradition, here are some things you should definitely taste to understand the city’s flavours—Barramundi, Sydney Rock Oyster, Australian Prawns, Avocado on toast, Bacon and egg roll, Lamington cake, potato cake, pavlova and Yellowfin tuna. Whether you’re that adventurous foodie from across the seas or a newbie in the city looking for your comfort food, you are sure to find it all within no time.

Stable Economy and Good Quality of Life

Compared to any other Australian city, this metropol is home to the most number of global firms. It is rightly called Australia’s financial and economic powerhouse. The city is also a gateway to Asian economies where you will find a number of valuable networking opportunities to help you stand out in the job market across the globe. Moreover, living in this stunning metropol means that a good quality of life is guaranteed. With a range of public transport options, safe and hygienic environment, top-quality education system and an unmatched healthcare system, the city provides excellent liveable conditions for its growing population.

With an overall ranking for liveability at 97.4, Sydney is now at the fifth position in the rankings of world’s most liveable cities. This is no surprise and you'll know why when you’re here!

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