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Sydney’s Iconic Festival of Lights | The Best Vantage Points

Vivid Sydney is one of the most anticipated events in Sydney and it attracts millions of people to the city every year. This iconic festival is widely known for its big-ticket music performances, light projections, creative conferences, talks and workshops. Read on to discover some of the best vantage points in and around the city to get the best experience of Vivid Sydney.

Sydney Harbour Vivid Cruises

During Vivid Sydney, the harbour is one of the most gorgeous places to be. With an array of light sculptures, installations and grand-scale projections, Sydney Harbour is transformed into a magical wonderland. A grand way to celebrate the festival and enjoy the views at its best is to get on board a Sydney Vivid Cruise at the harbour. There are many luxury Vivid cruises that ply across the harbour waters at night, offering prime views of the installations and the iconic structures including the harbour Bridge and the Opera House. A Vivid cruise in Sydney also offers a delectable dinner that is freshly prepared by experienced chefs on board. They also have fully licensed bars on board that serve premium drinks and beverages. Hop on board a showboat Vivid cruise on Sydney Harbour to enjoy a 1-hour live cabaret show besides a delicious dinner. This is also a wonderful opportunity to capture amazing photos of the iconic lights and installations.

Circular Quay

Known as the epicentre of all action, Circular Quay in Sydney is one of the most important places to visit during Vivid Sydney. With an exciting mix of sculptures, projections and installations spanning from east to west. Places like First Fleet Park, the Museum of Contemporary Art and Customs House near Circular Quay are two of the not-to-be-missed landmarks. Take a diversion from the harbour to visit these venues that will have many installations that are sure to delight and stir conversations among visitors.

Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour among the other important Vivid Sydney locations in the city has been hosting all kinds of exciting events and installations. From lasers and fountains to spectacular light projections, Darling harbour is known for its many engaging sensory rich installations. Darling Harbour is a favourite among families in the city and it offers many great sights across the precinct. Visit this part of the city to indulge in a memorable Vivid Sydney experience with your family.

Taronga Zoo

If you’re looking for a family-friendly and awe-inspiring Vivid Sydney venue, head over to Taronga Zoo which roars to life during the popular festival. The concept of Sustainability is actualised during the festival at the Zoo and it is sure that you wouldn’t spot a better place where the mission is more apparent. Vivid Sydney at Taronga Zoo often sees a fusion of art, sound and light, teaching us how to promote a better environmental future. Also, get to know about the wildlife that calls the zoo home.

Luna Park

This exciting harbourside destination is a must-visit vivid Sydney venue if you’re looking forward to having some extra fun. The entire amusement park, during the festival, transforms into a kaleidoscopic space teeming with life and colours. Take in amazing visuals of brilliant shapes, patterns and more that lights up the Midway promenade. It is an evergreen wonderland that spikes up your adrenaline and excitement with its interesting itinerary for people of all age groups.

Vivid Sydney is a perfect time to inspire and get inspired while you unlock your imagination with the Vivid ideas. You can also participate in one of the events held at the festival to embrace the essence of the festival.