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Rediscover the Most-loved Vivid Sydney Attractions of 2019

Sydney’s most-loved Vivid Sydney Festival will not return until next year. But you can still relive and refresh those magical experiences from last year to make the wait less boring.

Harbour Lights

Harbour Lights is an inevitable work of art that turns Sydney Harbour into a spectacular pool of lights and colours every year. Many vessels adorned with bright LED lights move across the waters in an elegant, synchronised display. Every year, nearly 2 million people flock to Sydney to watch the works of art on display. The Harbour Lights especially is a must-see attraction wherein countless commercial cruise operators participate in the installation. The display uses around 32 Hundred Lights coordinated by a satellite-navigational grid. The most exciting thing about Vivid Sydney Cruises is that it offers an additional perspective to the installations on display while serving you a delicious dinner with a view. You may choose from a wide range of Vivid dinner cruises to celebrate the festival of light, music and ideas differently. All Vivid cruises are fully air-conditioned vessels with opulent interiors, spacious viewing decks and modernised galleys. For a mesmerising Harbour Lights experience while removing yourself from the crowds on the Harbour foreshore, Vivid Cruises is one of the best options you have.

Pixar: 30 Years of Art & Animation

Vivid Sydney 2019 saw one of the most adorable and iconic installations of all time. Pixar, the beloved animation brand across the world, brought a special project to Sydney titled “Pixar: 30 Years of Art & Animation” using Vivid Sydney’s projection Technology. The special project exhibited a visual journey through the creative process of Pixar Animation Studios, showing visitors spectacular projections of images from the early stages of a film to the final product. Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Brave and many more animation wonders unfurled at Hickson Road. Visitors were introduced to a variety of art media such as pencil drawings, watercolours, acrylic paintings, digital paintings before the final frames were revealed. There is no doubt that the installation gave the audience a deep insight into how art, design and technology are combined to bring the imaginative worlds to life.

The Night. Reimagined.

Samsung’s ‘The Night. Reimagined.’ was a unique sensory journey that brought the power of its latest smartphone to life through a dazzling experience at Vivid Sydney 2019. The journey to reimagine started on the Sydney Opera House forecourt. Visitors were given an opportunity to project their personalised AR Emoji onto the iconic face of Luna Park. This became an ideal spot for many visitors to capture a truly Instagram-worthy photo pr video.

Firefly Field

Firefly Field is a magical and mesmerising light installation by Toer, a renowned multidisciplinary design collective from the Netherlands. The work of art was exhibited at The Royal Botanic Garden wherein 500 flying light points simulated the movements of fireflies hovering above the ground. The installation was a look-see into the Dutch artists, Toer’s, fascination for the aesthetics and behaviour of the tiny winged creatures. Firefly Field became one of the most-visited and most-Instagrammed works of art from Vivid Sydney 2019.

Let it Snow

Snow in Sydney is a rarity but Vivid Sydney 2019 siphoned a wintry mood to surprise Sydneysiders. ‘Let it Snow’ by Jing Li, Lawrence Liang and Richard Nugent was a super-scale immersive and responsive installation that had giant illuminated snowflakes along the Hickson Road Reserve. The space structured an intersection of virtual and physical worlds; natural wind blowing through the thousands of LED bulbs or people moving through it made it more turbulent and dynamic. The installation was the artists’ attempt to use spatial perception in teasing out the emotions in each individual.

While Vivid Sydney had to be scrapped this year due to the pandemic, let’s hope to welcome the festival in full bloom and in its natural fervour in August 2021. Till then, get down the memory lane to rediscover some of those beautiful works of art.