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Plastic Labels are intended to relay information about the product onto which
they are affixed. Most plastic labels
Are Intended To Relay Information About The Product are designed to be easily
printed on so are flat and evenly planed. Usually label material is paper,
plastic, metal, or fabric.
Labeling serves a variety of purposes. Often it is
intended merely to provide benign or helpful information related to the product.
Other times a label may be used to provide direct instructions about how the
product should be used or stored. Step by step instructions are also very common
as a label subject. The most critical are the safety labels, which are almost
always permanently attached to the product in some visible area. They are hardy
and meant to last the life of whatever device they are attached to.
adhesive is usually the means by which labels are adhered to their respective
products. Some are permanent and provide a solid seal whereas others are merely
sticky and can be removed with little effort, like produce label stickers. In
clothing and upholstery, labels are usually made of fabric and are sewn directly
onto the material product, making them permanent. Metal labels can often be
attached using fasteners, whereas plastic commonly is heated onto the product.