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    Personal Finance: Top 6 Hacks for Students

    In today’s world, saving money is important. Saving money is similarly not a difficult task. It is a bit easier to save money if you are doing a job. It becomes even easier if you are doing a good job. Saving...  more
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    When to Start Looking for a House

    Buying a house can be a long-drawn-out process with many steps in between the time you get preapproved for a mortgage and pick up the keys.

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    Are You a Macro or Micro Personal Finance Person?

    You must have heard the terms micro and macro in economics, but must be confused about how one can be a micro or macro-finance person. Well, you can easily identify by considering whether you look at...  more
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    8 Reasons Why You Need to Start a Budget Now

    It is very important to make a budget if you are aiming for financial security. It is necessary if you want to live the life you want. We know that it is not an easy task to keep a record of your expenses but...  more
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    How to Avoid Spending Temptations

    Have you started last month with good intentions that you will save a few dollars, but still end up spending everything? Thinking that despite trying hard, spending money on necessary goods only and keeping an eye on...  more
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    Are you interested in exploring #Blockchain for your #business?

    We BlockchainAppsDeveloper provides customized blockchain, especially for the gaming world that can help you to develop an absolute gaming platform over TRON, Ethereum, EOS, and Matic...  more
  • James Donald
    As we all know, blockchain technology is continuing to disrupt key sectors and is being used by a variety of organisations worldwide. Crowdfunding is one of the main industries in which blockchain plays an essential role. Blockchain crowdfunding systems,...  more