The Structure of Professional Report: Writing Help for Students

  • School reports and professional reports differ greatly. To conduct successful professional report writing, students should keep in mind the structure that must be followed. Leo Ornstein once said, "In writing music, the structure of each piece is a very important factor." The same happens with professional report writing. Students should care not only about the structure but also about the information that is written in each section.

    The structure of professional report writing

    • Title. Every report must contain a title that reflects the content of the paper.
    • Acknowledgements. While professional report writing, students are sure to use somebody’s help. This section is created for the opportunity to thank those people. 
    • Executive summary or synopsis. This section should be carefully structured in professional report writing. It must be informative and argumentative because there are people who will read only this section.
    • Table of content. Students should structure their professional report writing to create a good paper. It is necessary to mention the most crucial parts of the discussion.
    • Introduction. This section should discuss the background of the topic, the purpose of the report, the points that are going to be discussed and are to be omitted, the methods of the research conduction and definitions of some terms used while doing professional report writing.   
    • Literature review. Students should briefly summarize the most significant sources considered while professional report writing.
    • Materials and methods. Students should discuss methodology used while report writing.
    • Results. The main findings of the research should be put here while doing professional report writing.
    • Discussion. Students should conduct a discussion of findings.
    • Conclusions. The information discussed in the report should be summarized.
    • Recommendations. This section is important in professional report writing as it offers practical implementation of the achieved results and ideas for further research.

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